VS Lab

  1. General Details

    Laboratory Manual Visual Inspection Equipment

    Configured to perform the visual inspection of pharmaceutical containers that contain liquid, dry powder or lyophilized products

    Designed for laboratory use or for installation in Class C and D production areas; equipped with automated systems including:

    • Rotation, acceleration and brake of the container holder plate
    • Lighting

    Key Benefits:

    • Black and White inspection backgrounds
    • Back light system
    • Bottom light system (Tyndall)
    • Adjustable spin speed
    • Spin and brake duration timer
    • Adjustable light intensity
  2. Applications
    • Qualification of reference inspection samples used to assess the performance of automated inspection equipment
    • Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) testing of containers inspected by automated systems
    • Small batch visual inspection
    • Verification of product rejects
    • Re-inspection
    • Inspection of difficult products/packages
  3. Techical Info
    Containers to be processedAmpoule, Vial, Cartridge, Bottle, Prefilled Syringe
    Container contentLiquid, Freeze Dried, Powder
    Container materialGlass (clear and / or amber)
    Container sizes8 to 55 mm in diameter

    35 to 150 mm in height

    Container typeTubular, Molded
    Fill volume1 to 250ml


    Equipment Layout

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