VS 100

  1. General Details

    Semi Automated Visual Inspection Equipment

    The VS 100 inspection system is designed to perform visual inspection of a wide range of container types and sizes; it allows to minimize the manual handling for the human operators.

    VS 100 is configured for inspecting vials, bottles, ampoules, cartridges and pre-filled syringes in the same equipment; switching between pre-filled syringes and vials inspection can be operated in a immediate and easy manner

    The equipment max mechanical operating speed is 100 pieces per minute.

    Key Benefits

    • Multiple and fully flexible in/outfeeding and configurations available: Online (Conveyor-in and Conveyor-out), Off-line (Tray-in and Tray-out), Back to Back (Dual system equipment), Multiple connected equipment, Rotary turntables, automatic De/Renester, Upper Stacker system
    • Adjustable inclination of roller transport – Inspection angle is configurable to 60° or 75° depending on the inspection need
    • Back light, front light and bottom light (Tyndall) configurable systems
    • HMI and Control System compliant with FDA 21 CFR P11 and EU GMP Annex 11 requirements
    • Easy configuration, fast changeover, short retooling time
  2. Applications
    • Inspection of liquid, powdered and lyophilized products; compared to manual visual inspection it offers higher production rate and less operator fatigue
    • Inspection of difficult products/packages: suspensions, emulsions, colored solutions, highly viscous products, non-transparent containers
    • Inspection of different containers in the same equipment: vials, bottles, ampoules, cartridges and pre-filled syringes
    • Re-inspection
  3. Techical Info
    Containers to be processed Ampoule, Vial, Cartridge, Bottle, Prefilled Syringe
    Container content Liquid, Freeze Dried, Powder
    Container material Glass (clear and / or amber)
    Container sizes 8 to 52 mm in diameter, 35 to 100 mm in height – Standard Version

    8 to 78mm in diameter, 35 to 177mm in height – Custom Version

    Container type Tubular, Molded
    Fill volume 1 to 100ml – Standard Version

    1 to 500ml – Custom Version

    Mechanical max output rate 100 containers per minute


    Equipment Layout – VS 100 (Vials, Bottles, Ampoules, Cartridges)

    Equipment Layout – VS 100 (Vials, Bottles, Ampoules, Cartridges, Pre-filled Syringes)

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