1. General Details

    100% High Voltage Leak Detection Equipment – Plastic Containers

    This equipment allows to perform a fully automated 100% Container Closure Integrity of sealed containers filled with parenteral sterile liquid drugs.

    HVB is designed specifically for processing Blow-Fill-Seal and Form-Fill-Seal containers in On-line configuration and it is fitted with mechanical interfaces with upstream and downstream equipment.

    The equipment is completed with multiple HVLD inspection stations, container mechanical vibrating systems allowing to wet the internal surface of the container with the liquid product and assuring the proper detection capability.

    The equipment max operating speed is 120 pieces per minute.

    Key Benefits

    • High Voltage Leak Detection system is a proprietary technology of Xepics
    • Entire container body inspection possible, inspection of 100% critical areas
    • Original electrodes system configuration for Your Product Type and Size
    • HMI Control System compliant with FDA 21CFRp11 and EU GMP Annex 11
    • Easy configuration, fast changeover, short retooling time
  2. Applications

    100% Fully Automated Non destructive investigation of the closure integrity of plastic packages containing a wide range of drug products:

    • Protein-based
    • Biological and biosimilar
    • Vaccines
    • Highly viscous and concentrated, large molecules
    • Suspensions and emulsions
    • Monoclonal antibodies, live cells
    • Respiratory
    • Ophtalmic
    • WFI and water-based solutions with an electrical conductivity level in the order of micro Siemens/cm
  3. Techical Info
    Nominal Specifications
    Containers to be processed Blow-Fill-Seal BFS and Form-Fill-Seal FFS
    Container content Liquid, conductive
    Container material Plastic
    Container sizes 120 x 70 x 20 mm
    Fill volume: 1 to 50ml
    Production speed 120 containers per minute (7200 containers per hour)
    Max Voltage applied 20 kV
    Minimum liquid conductivity In the range of micro Siemens/cm (as a function of product and package features)

    Equipment Layout

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