1. General Details

    100% Fully Automated Visual Inspection Equipment

    Arcadia 400 equipment model is a 100% fully‐automatic inspection system designed to perform visual inspection of vials, ampoules and cartridges for a full range of defects including foreign contaminants such as particulate matters and fibers, cosmetic defects, sealing defects, cap and flip-off defects, scratches, cracks, fill level out of specifications. Both liquid and lyophilized product can be inspected.

    The configuration of the equipment comprises two inspection modules installed side by side respectively consisting of an infeed, two outfeeds, a reject area, a central turret on which the inspection stations are installed and a series of rotating star wheels that allow the transport of the containers and the relative selection.

    Arcadia 400 is to be installed downstream from primary filling lines and upstream from labelling and secondary packaging equipment.

    Arcadia 400 can incorporate headspace gas analysis HSA inspection of oxygen sensitive products and lyophilized drugs.

    The equipment max operating speed is 400 pieces per minute.

    Key Benefits

    • Flexible in/outfeeding and configuration: Online (mechanical connection modules to upstream and downstream equipment), Off-line (Tray-in and Tray-out), Rotary turntables
    • Multiple reject channels available
    • Back light, front light and bottom light (Tyndall) configurable systems
    • Up to 4 HSA laser sensors can be installed onboard (headspace oxygen and/or moisture non-invasive measurement)
    • Control via HMI System compliant with FDA 21CFRp11 and EU GMP Annex 11
    • Easy configuration, fast changeover, short retooling time
  2. Applications

    100% Fully Automated Visual Inspection of glass containers

    • Detection of foreign contaminants such as particles and fibers (Liquid and Lyo products)
    • Fill level check
    • Detection of crimping defects
    • Detection of ampoules burnings and black spots; detection of defective rings,
    • Ampoule One Point Cut (OPC) check
    • Detection of ampoule tip deformations, breakages, wrong shape
    • Detection of cosmetic defects on the container body such as scratches, spots, cracks
    • Detection of presence of liquid product in between cartridge plunger ribs, general defects of the plunger
    • Detection of flip off presence, color, scratches or breakages on the flip-off top surface
    • Empty container check


    100% Headspace Gas Analysis

    • Measurement of headspace levels of gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, moisture content, relative pressure
  3. Techical Info
    Nominal Specifications
    Containers to be processed Ampoule, Vial, Cartridge
    Container content Liquid, Freeze Dried
    Container material Glass (clear and / or amber)
    Container sizes: 8 to 39 mm in diameter, 35 to 110 mm in height
    Container type Tubular, Molded
    Fill volume 1 to 30ml
    Mechanical max output rate 400 containers per minute


    Equipment Layout

    Layout 2 scarti


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