Calibrated Standards


Standard Containers – Headspace Gas Analysis

In our laboratory we manufacture headspace standard reference containers for the characterization, verification and qualification of our Headspace Analysis systems.

We can provide you with:

  • Oxygen Standards
  • Vacuum Standards
  • Moisture Standards

Headspace standard sets are supplied with a Certificate of Conformance with measured values and validity period.

Particle and Cosmetic Validation Standards – Visual Inspection

Particle and Cosmetic Validation Standards – Visual Inspection

We supply defect kits with flexible options in order to mimic a wide range and type of potential foreign contaminants.

The standards are customized to address the specific risks included in your production defect library.

We put at your disposal also semi-automated inspection booths equipped with suitable lightning systems including Tyndall.

Foreign contaminants are precisely sized and are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Certificate of Compliance & Traceability is provided.

Positive Controls – Container Closure Integrity

Positive Controls – Container Closure Integrity

We are able to manufacture samples whose closure integrity is compromised by creating leak paths through the container wall such as laser drilled holes.

Defects are created to comply with the required size.

Leaking paths are simulated in both the headspace and beneath the product fill level.

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