19th Giugno 2017

Hello World!

To increase its competitive edge, on 2017, Xepics decided to invest on strategic sectors establishing three new business units: Xepics Mechanical Precision Parts, Xepics Power Electronics and Xepics Mechatronics.

The push for change came from the continuous innovation that has always identified people of Xepics and the will of delivering complete solutions for industry, machinery and automotive field.

Everything begun in 2013 when Xepics IM (Inspection Machines) has been founded to establish a new trend in the field of 100% automatic product inspection in production processes of pharma and tobacco industry.

Technical capabilities in the disciplines of mechatronics, automation, optics, software, sensors and vision systems come together in Xepics R&D department creating the perfect environment to develop turnkey solutions that defy the state of the art technology.

The multidisciplinary knowledge, ranging from automation, mechanics, optics to analogue, digital, power and microwave electronics helped the team to enlarge the business vision.

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