Our History Step-by-Step

January 2017

New Partnerships

Thanks to our experience and expetrise, after few months from the start of the operations, a multinational company has entrusted us with the task of introducing them into the world of power electronics.

November 2017

Testing and Validation Lab

To start on the right foot, we have selected and installed a complete Testing and Validation Lab for Power Electronics and Mechatronics divisions.

01 September 2017

Infrastructural upgrade

To increase the quality and so the success possibilities, the first step has been to have the best industrial machineries for CNC to establish immediately the highest standard. We installed two DMG Mori 5 axis turning and milling machines and a Metrology Lab with ZEISS, DMG Mori and Mitutoyo equipments.

June 2017

Building of the new facility

Expansion of the infrastructural capabilities by boulding a new plant in the industrial area of Perugia.

April 2017

New Business Units

In order to increase its competitive edge, on 2017, Xepics has decided to invest on strategic sectors founding three new business units: Xepics Mechanical Precision Parts, Xepics Power Electronics and Xepics Mechatronics.


Xepics IM strengthen its position

The multidisciplinary knowledge, ranging from automation, mechanics, optics to analogue, digital, power and microwave electronics helped the team to enlarge the business vision.


Xepics IM is established

Xepics IM (Inspection Machines) is funded to establish a new trend in the field of 100% automatic product inspection in production processes of pharma and tobacco industry.

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