Xepics Group

Inspection Machines

Design and development of Inspection systems for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Tobacco, Food and Beverage markets. Solutions varies from particles inspection in parenterals drugs, filter rod inspection in tobacco manufacturing process up to a complete track & trace platform for the pharmaceutical industry.
Inspection Machines, Track & Trace, Vials Inspection, Ampoules Inspection, Blisters Inspection, Filter rod inspection, Prefilled Syringes Inspection, Freeze dried Inspection, Lyophilized Inspection, Capsules Inspection, Soft Gel Capsules Inspection, and Web Inspection.


Beginning from the technical requirements of our customers, we are able to design and develop a unique solution that includes mechanics and electronics, delivering a complete product with the brand of a unic manufacturer.
This is certainly a plus because very often a part of this task is reduced to a system integration that means loosing of control on the process and, definitively, on the final result that is the product.

Power Electronics

We design, develop and produce a series of On-Board and Off-Board Battery Chargers. We can cover a very high range of voltage and current and most of our products are scalable and can work in parallel to increase power.
We have also considered, from our past experiences, that customization is an important plus for who is looking for these kind of products and many competitors rarely cover the On-Board applications.
At last, but not as least, we are working to present to the market a product that is effective and competitive in terms of performances and quality to price ratio.

Mechanics Precision Parts

MPP represents the fundaments of our Company because everyone knows that without mechanical parts nothing can work.
To increase the quality and so the success possibilities, the first step has been to have the best industrial machineries for CNC to establish immediately the highest standard.
Passion, experience, knowledge of what the market attend and continuous improvement in production of special mechanical pieces lead us to always have clear the path.

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